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16285 Park Ten Place Dr. Suite 600, Houston, TX 77084

Katana Energy, LLC

Katana Energy International, Ltd., is an oil and gas exploration and production company headquartered in Bermuda.

Katana’s strategy is to exploit its advanced drilling, completion, and reservoir management technologies to reduce costs and to enhance productivity. Katana is focused on developing a sustainable business onshore in the USA. It owns non-operated, oil-producing properties in Louisiana and is drilling operated gas wells in south Texas. Katana continues to search for onshore US assets that can be enhanced with its engineering and operational skills. Its prospect selection is guided by Katana’s ability to add value to the property in question and the possibility of partnering with experts who understand the local geology.

With the exception of the majors, Katana has more complex drilling expertise and experience than any other domestic exploration and production company, especially in underbalanced and managed pressure drilling. Katana is capitalizing on this expertise and experience by taking equity stakes in smaller companies that have found major reserves in complex reservoirs but that have failed in drilling or completing wells. Katana’s business model reduces risk by focusing on reservoirs with known hydrocarbon accumulations and reduces costs by using its drilling expertise.

Following success onshore in the US, Katana’s longer-term plan is to extend this model internationally, particularly in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

16285 Park Ten Place Dr. Suite 600
Houston, TX 77084